Daub Thermo-Roll

Strong capacity, high efficiency, flexible handling

Under permanent operation and continuous production, the Daub Thermo-Roll provides an optimum of efficiency and flexibility with low staff requirements.

Thermo-Roll ovens are suitable for many types of bakeries – from artisanal bakeries to industrial bakeries and for white bread or mediterranean bread, rye bread or tin bread, cakes or pastry.


Your benefits

  • The combination of the fast and simple handling of a rack oven and uniform baking quality. The ideal combination of rolling production and staff employment with optimum baking results.
  • As an option with or without a stone plate as deck or rack oven. The ideal oven for cakes, bread and bread rolls. This is how you gain time, improve quality and reduce your costs.
  • Stone plates directly on the heating plates, thus optimised heat transfer. No stone plate wagon required, no  hot stone wagon in the company, no loss of energy, no hazards. Reduce your energy costs and increase production safety.
  • It can be combined with semi-automatic loading and unloading systems or manual loading and unloading of the Thermo-Roll stone plates using the innovative combination racks. Assure a lean process and gain time for quality improvement.
  • Robust and durable, the well-known Daub quality. For us, “Made in Hamburg“ is a pledge. For you, it’s a valuable investment. Both are fulfilled.
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