Daub StoneMotion

Efficiency without compromise

The basic idea is to combine the high baking quality of the Backmeister multi-deck oven with suitable and sophisticated automation. Our new push-through concept combines the unmatched DAUB thermal oil baking atmosphere with artisanal stone oven quality, thus enabling optimum baking results at competitive prices. Regardless of whether you feed the oven completely automatically or in the traditional way by hand.

A truly clean matter – the hygienic design

Corresponds to all legal food industry requirements concerning hygiene and HACCP regulations.


Your benefits

  • Best baking quality by combining thermal oil radiation heat and stone baking. You always get top-quality products and the sales multiplier “baked on stone”.
  • Very simple application from manual feeding, expandable to complete automation (modular construction).  Grow with your tasks and with your sales revenues and get optimum baking results right from the start.
  • Fast cycle periods mean that the ovens can also be used for small baked goods. Half-baked products that are baked on stone allow for new trade channels and processes. Free up your time by reducing limitations.
  • There are no chains, drive shafts or belts in the oven. The heat zone contains no drives or mobile parts  Keep your costs under control. Reduce your wear and maintenance costs.
  • Universal accessories, such as Teflon stone plate covers for directly baked products with fillings or toppings. Invest in the hygiene of your business and develop it into a competitive advantage.
  • Reduce your cleaning and wear costs at the same time. Automate your most demanding processes.
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