Pre-fermentation versus Mechanical Dough Development

22 May 2019

Also in the bakery industry, a mostly traditional industry, new machines and products are being developed in order to help you to optimize your process.

You probably know all about pre-fermentation and how to optimally use it in your production process. A new development that can be an alternative for pre-fermentation in some cases is Mechanical Dough Development. This process is a lot less known, but can save you a lot of time without sacrificing on the quality of your dough.

In this paper we explain how pre-fermentation and Mechanical Dough Development works, what the advantages of Mechanical Dough Development are and what you can gain by changing your process. The paper is based on theory and on tests. These tests can also be performed with your dough at our Kaak Group Technology Center.

Read all about the Mechanical Dough Developer in our whitepaper. You can download the whitepaper directly by filling out your name and email address:

You can also contact us for a personal explanation about the Mechanical Dough Developer and how it will fit in your production process.