Very fast delivery of hygienic design stainless steel conveying systems with our own plastic modular conveying belts: Multi-Way curve & Multi-X! It is possible to deliver these conveying systems within 5 production days!


Multiparts specialises in the delivery of standard conveyor systems, which can be ordered directly from our conveyor catalogue. We can supply you with single conveyors or with complete lines built from these standards components. Delivery times depend on quantity and complexity, of course, but single conveyors can be delivered within a few working weeks.

In addition to our conveyor systems, Multiparts also delivers a range of products directly from its catalogue, including


Conveyor specials Bakery specials 
Curves for every conveyor type Flour dusters
90-degree transfers Seed strewers
Horizontal & vertical switches Index conveyors
Diverts Strewing conveyors