Because Customers Count!

Product support and know-how
MCS has over forty years’ experience in the field of industrial bakery plants – taking care of equipment design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Our competent specialists are available to support the customer for any requirement on product technology, machines and new developments. Since the equipment is developed each time according to the customer’s requirements, MCS responds to this with major skills in design flexibility and know-how.

Training is essential for correct operation of the equipment and to ensure the highest productivity. MCS technicians provide training courses at the customer’s premises to prepare the personnel for their future tasks. Training courses usually include the design and functioning of the equipment, cleaning, product changing, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and documentation. The contents of a training course can be also adapted to fulfill customers’ special requirements.

Production breakdowns due to lack of maintenance represent major inconveniences which can be prevented with proper preventive maintenance. MCS always offers a maintenance program as part of the package. Maintenance is based on scheduled interventions for the replacement of worn parts and for fine-tuning the machines. Customers are able to leave the maintenance job to our experienced personnel – mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software specialists who are very familiar with your equipment and who can prevent possible failures.

Technical support
Our technicians are available on the phone to provide technical support and advice. In addition, we can schedule rapid, on-site interventions as necessary to resolve any problems.

Spare parts
We do not sell standard machines: every plant is specifically designed and manufactured in accordance to the customer’s needs. Therefore, MCS provides a recommended spare parts list each time. This allows the customer to keep parts that wear down and specific components in stock. In addition, MCS always stocks those parts that are frequently required, for immediate delivery.

For technical support, you can reach us on the following numbers:

+39 3346713556
+39 0464675606 (office hours)