Kaak Spirals

The establishment of Kaak Spirals within the Kaak Group represents over 30 years of experience with building more than 500 spirals, combined into a single team of specialists that takes care of the sales, engineering, production and commissioning of proofing, cooling and freezing systems.

With its group of highly-committed specialists, Kaak Spirals can respond immediately to the latest developments. We can help unburden you as needed.

Since we are part of the Kaak Group, you are assured of our 24/7 world wide service and you will get the attention you deserve.

Kaak FPS building

Our core values are:

  • Custom made
    Tailored to your needs
  • Reliable & innovative
    Continuous improvement of proven concepts
  • System supplier
    We take care of your technology
  • World wide service
    At your service, any time and everywhere
  • Quick & precise
    Short lines of communication, constructive answers

Final proofing

Kaak Group: the best solution for every step in the baking process