DrieM has developed several dough sheeting lines for a wide range of products.

Driem dough sheeting lines first form a continues stream of dough, after which the dough sheet and then the dough pieces are shaped.
Using several modular units for cutting, rounding, moulding and shaping we can assemble machines for all your different product types.


Our DrieM dough sheeting lines are:

    • Designed and dedicated to sheet a wide variety of bread dough.
    • A wide variety of dough viscosities can be processed over the line.
    • Capable of handling dough with high water content > 90%
    • Bread structures varying from pin-pointed to very open can be achieved.
    • Space-saving, yet open design.
    • Easily accessible for cleaning and service.
    • No chains, only direct-driven motors
    • User-friendly PLC screen with touchscreen display.


Reference dough sheeting lines for:


Cut Products

Cut & Moulded products

Pizza & Flat bread

Tin bread

Pizza-flat bread bakery line


Interested in our sheeting lines? Or do you need more information or advice? Please contact us.