“Baking with passion – technical design with tradition for your bakery“

Daub Backtechnologie GmbH from Hamburg is an innovative company. We remain true to our traditions and we have a strong feel for quality and cost efficiency.


Our philosophy

Since 1938, Daub has been renowned for premium baking. Our ovens and boiler plants are excellent in their reliability and efficiency – not least due to their sophisticated and practical handling. The following four terms sum up what we are working for:

  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Competence
  • Partnership


“We strive each day to become a little bit better”.

Daub, baking with passion  Daub – your benefits

  • Constructed in Hamburg. Take advantage of 80 years of experience in developing thermal oil technology. Reduce your risk of hidden defects and faulty design.
  • Production in Hamburg. “Made in Hamburg”. You always get high-class workmanship. Our goal is the best product without any compromise. Invest in quality that generates intrinsic value.
  • Modern production company and machines, with employees dedicated to the business. We are driven by our passion for baking. Our machines are built for reaching your goals. It is the final result that counts. Many ovens can bake. We want you to be thrilled with your final products.
  • Our goals are partnership, innovation, reliability and competence. To get better every day. Let’s travel this road together.





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