Dough Sheeting

DrieM was created by dough-sheeting specialists in 2009 to produce artisanal bread lines. DrieM has developed several dough sheeting lines for a wide range of products.

DrieM Dough Sheeting Technology creates sheeting equipment for bread dough and has optimized every step of the process to support these soft doughs.

The DrieM sheeting process consists out of a couple of steps always starting with the creation of a sheet of dough. From this sheet of dough almost all thinkable forms can be made using different steps in the same sheeting line. The three main forms that are available are cut, moulded (or coiled) and rounded. Therefore in terms of the shape of bread you are able to produce a great variety.

Ultimate freedom in ingredients and recipes

When it comes to ingredients and recipes, you also have much more freedom compared to traditional dough make-up. Traditional or classic dough make-up has its limitations when it comes to moisture content or percentage of liquid ingredients that can be used. With the DrieM dough sheeting equipment you can go far beyond these limits. It will allow you to process doughs with very low and high percentages of liquid ingredients (42%-90%+). Dough sheeting is a gentle process and therefore it will not damage doughs with a high amount of liquid ingredients or richer doughs with fruit in them for example.

Add decorative seeds

Strewing decorative seeds on, in or under is also possible using sheeting technology. In the sheeting process there are different stages where you will have the possibility to add seeds or other decorations.

Our DrieM dough sheeting lines are:

    • Designed and dedicated to sheet a wide variety of bread dough.
    • A wide variety of dough viscosities can be processed over the line.
    • Capable of handling dough with high water content > 90%
    • Bread structures varying from pin-pointed to very open can be achieved.
    • Space-saving, yet open design.
    • Easily accessible for cleaning and service.
    • No chains, only direct-driven motors
    • User-friendly PLC screen with touchscreen display.

So using a single sheeting line will allow you to create all forms, use all recipes and be creative with decoration.

Reference dough sheeting lines for:



Cut Products

Cut & Moulded products

DrieM dough sheeting line for cut products

Pizza & Flat bread

Tin bread

Pizza-flat bread bakery line


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