Bake for life

How it all started for the Kaak Group

Let’s do it! Sometimes one shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about an issue. We had been trying to figure out how an impressive sponsor trip with Bake for Life could result in more than just a memory, photo album or video film.

These were our thoughts as we woke up on the morning of Thursday, April 12th in 2009. Sitting in front of our cottage at the Little Sisters compound in Soroti with Wouter de Graaf (sponsor Bake for Life) sitting next to us, we suddenly shared the same idea. Our wish was to create something lasting for the Bake for Life Foundation and the handicapped of Uganda. It was agreed at that moment. We’ll give them a bakery!

Bake for Life not only gave us the opportunity to donate money in support of a good cause, but it also gave us the opportunity to join a succesful formula. Its purpose is to provide fast and effective relief for the handicapped people of Uganda, giving them an opportunity for a better future. It is very comforting to know that every penny is well spent. Bake for Life provides the opportunity, while the people of Uganda must still do it themselves. We believe that this is the right philosophy when providing help and as Sister Veronica reminded us on many occasions: “You don’t give money, you give life”.

Jan en Carina Kaak

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