Highly qualified experts in ten subsidiaries together form the Kaak Group. For more than a century, we have provided innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services.

Kaak Group Chronology


The family Weenink moves to Lichtenvoorde where father (Jan Hendrik) Weenink starts a business as a coppersmith.

This is the foundation for the company as we know it.


Bernard Kaak takes over the company after marrying Bernadina Weenink-Lubbers the widow of Jan Weenink; at the start of the 20th century, the business continued with the first production of sheet metal bakeware.


Craft bakeries become increasingly industrialised. Kaak starts delivering conveying systems. Soon after this, the first automated bakery lines are produced.


Kaak is divided into two divisions:

  • Kaak Food Production Systems
    (machine construction / automation)
  • Kaak Bakery Supplies (bakeware)


The Dutch company Benier, specialists in dough handling systems, joins the Kaak Group, along with its sales agency Benier UK.


The Kaak Group further expands with the integration of Daub, the renowned German manufacturer of thermal oil heated ovens.


The Italian company MCS joins the Kaak Group, complementing the product range with various types of tunnel ovens and proofers.


Lhotellier R2A, the French specialist in coating of baking straps, sheets and moulds, joins the Kaak Group.


The company Multiparts was established to provide customers with technical solutions in conveying technology.


With the addition of DrieM, dough sheeting technology becomes available within the Kaak Group.


Kaak Spirals is established, representing the youngest member of the Kaak Group, with a dedicated focus on the Multi-Spiral system.


Benier and DrieM join forces. Making Benier the first supplier who can deliver both classical dough make-up equipment and dough sheeting equipment.