Combining expertise

5 March 2021

Within its mission ‘From silo to truck’, the Kaak Group continuously strives for optimal bundling of expertise in the organization, both at a national and international level. We continuously focus on unburdening our customers and delivering quality and flexibility. Vertical integration of production is an essential part of the strategy.

In line with this, the step is now taken to add the expertise of Silowacht to the “silo to truck” process in the organization. This leads to an expansion of the product range with silo construction and distribution of ingredients to the kneader. Within the Kaak Group, these processes tie in well with the existing activities in Nieuwkuijk (NL). This development offers the opportunity to respond to the current trend regarding longer bowl rest, first proofing and precision in dosing the desired products. Silowacht has more than 30 years of experience and the production location in Zwolle (NL) has an annual turnover of more than 7 million euros. About 35 staff are employed at Silowacht and the day-to-day management remains in the capable hands of Jules Plevier. We wish our new colleagues welcome to the group.

By merging the production facilities for both thermo-oil and electric and gas-fired furnaces in Ala (IT), Kaak Group will also make an efficiency improvement in this product category.

The Kaak Group expects to be able to further strengthen its position in the market with these steps.