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1 февраля 2019

Classical dough make-up and sheeting systems


As of the 1st of January the Kaak Group has decided, in collaboration with Benier and DrieM, to integrate these two companies into Benier Netherlands BV. Making Benier the first supplier who can deliver both classical dough make-up equipment and dough sheeting equipment.
We believe that with the combined forces of the DrieM and Benier brands we will be able to offer better and moreover better suited solutions for all bakeries in the world.

Last year, on IBA, we already presented our newest baguette moulding principle with filming from DrieM. But we have many more innovations and concepts that will be interesting for all bakeries worldwide. From small stand-alone classical dough make-up equipment to high capacity, highly hydrated dough sheeting lines, running hydration levels up to and beyond 90% successfully.

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DrieM Cut line for cut products