Human-Machine Interfacing

HMI offering line control from any position on the production line. Uniform software architecture with integrated recipe control, visual (3D) indication of error messages and direct access to the digital operating manual.

  • Generic screens for all Kaak Group members
  • Control and visualisation of a single PLC
  • Start/Stop/Reset and basic manual control of all connected machines
  • Status indication of all connected machines
  • Recipe control and administration
  • Textual representation of alarms, filtered per machine
  • Basic alarm logging (last 5000 alarms)
  • Basic trending of key measurements and set points
  • 3 authorisation levels (operator, supervisor and technician)
  • Same layout and look-and-feel throughout the complete line:
    = From silo to truck using one single front-end!
    = Quicker response times on errors
    = Low investment in training of personnel