2019 – 20 years Bake for Life

21 May 2019

A reason to celebrate: the Bake for Life foundation has been around for 20 years.

The Kaak Group congratulates Bake for Life on achieving this amazing milestone!


Together with the volunteers and sponsors Bake for Life has achieved:

  • 5 bakeries in Uganda and Kenya
  • 1 Bake for Life College
  • 100+ BISS phase 1 bakeries
  • 5+ BISS phase 2 bakeries
  • ANBI status
  • CBF certificate
  • 1 tree project: firewood from our own trees is environmentally friendly and saves costs!


The Kaak Group has been in the lucky position to help build two of the bakeries.

When Bake for Life is a cause you also want to support. Please contact us or make a donation.