Benier Dough Expert C

We are proud to introduce our next generation of Dough Expert divider, the new Dough Expert C. It offers the same high level of reliability, weight accuracy and flexibility as its predecessor, however it brings a much higher level of hygienic design. We believe that this divider represents the future in hygienic dough dividers.


Product information:

  • Universal pocket divider: the Dough Expert C has a universal application and industrial design which is suitable for a wide range of dough processes, capacities and weight ranges.
  • High level of reliability, accuracy and flexibility; a real “work-horse”.
  • High level of hygienic design:
    • Executed with a C-frame to increase accessibility of the machine;
    • Machine conveyors have fixed supports while the machine “Rolls- in Rolls-out” for easy cleaning. Conveyors with quick release construction; flip nose.
    • Springs and/ or pneumatic cylinders are completely enclosed in a housing to prevent dough pollution.
    • The dividing area, the dough zone, can be hosed down.
  • Benier service box: instruction videos to support you with installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning for a longer lifespan of your machine.
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