Benier Dough Expert

The Dough Expert is a universal divider that is suitable for a wide range of dough processes. This industrial machine is accurate, gentle to your dough and easy to operate. Our Dough Expert PLC is implemented with an on-board PLC that controls and monitors all of the machine’s functions. All of the machine’s settings can be stored per recipe and the relevant information is clearly shown on a touch screen display.

Product information

  • Variable and precise process speed due to frequency-driven crankshaft operation.
  • PLC with touch screen for process control and recipe parameter setting (capacity, dough weight, number of products to be produced, conveyor speed). The Basic version is without PLC; operation by means of push buttons.
  • Fully corrosion-free (stainless steel and synthetic materials in a functional design).
  • High quality wear-free mechanism. Volume pistons and main piston available in synthetic material.
  • Wide range of pocket configurations; we design your specific implementation upon request.
  • Divider is moveable and easy to relocate in its original position.
  • Optional: version with Dough Pressure Regulator (DPR): improves the dividing process particularly for soft/delicate dough
  • Benier service box: instruction videos to support you with installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning for a longer lifespan for your machine.


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