Benier Dough Assist Major (Basic)

The Dough Assist Major Basic (DAM Basic) divider is a universal divider which is suitable for a wide range of dough processes. This semi-industrial machine is accurate, gentle on your dough and easy to operate. Our Dough Assist Major (DAM PLC) has an extra feature: the on-board PLC controls and monitors all of the machine’s functions.

We have also developed the DAM BD 24 PLC especially for sponge dough with small dough weights. This machine is designed for gentle processing of sponge dough and the specially designed dividing box allows the production dough pieces as small as 30 grams.



Product information:

  • Frequency driven crank shaft operation
  • Fully corrosion-free (stainless steel and synthetic materials in a functional design)
  • Divider is movable and easy to relocate in its original position
  • DAM PLC and BD units have a touch screen for process control and recipe program setting (capacity, dough weight, number of products to be produced, belt speed)
  • High quality wear and tear mechanism
  • Dough Pressure Regulator (DPR): improves the dividing process, particularly for soft/delicate dough
  • Various other options available
  • Benier service box: instruction videos to support you with installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning for a longer lifespan of your machine.



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