Benier Seam Position Control System

Benier has invented and developed a system to solve the problem of “bursting seams”, that occurs after baking tin bread, when the seam is positioned on top of the dough piece.

With the patented, fully automatic Benier seam position control system, the manual correction of the seam position at the end of the moulding process is no longer required. The Benier seam position control system can be integrated into nearly any moulding system.


Product information:

  • System is composed of a multi-beam laser in combination with an ultra high speed digital camera with vision software that detects the seam position after moulding.
  • The servo-controlled depositing system repositions the dough piece as necessary, with the seam located at the bottom of the dough piece, and drops it into the baking tin correctly.
  • Operation by means of touch screen.
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