Benier Nederland has designed and built dough production and dough handling systems for all types of dough for over a 100 years.

The main focus at Benier lies on dough quality and gentle dough handling during mixing, dividing, rounding, proofing and moulding.

In close collaboration with you, our customers, we discuss the specific needs and wishes with respect to the product and the business. We then provide the best solution – either through standard machines or with customised equipment and tailor-made solutions. This provides you with an optimal basis for producing various products with the highest quality.

MixingBenier Mixing Equipment Icon

Benier has developed a range of Mechanical Dough Developers (MDD).

Benier Dividing Equipment Icon


Weighing and accurate dividing of the dough is an important part of the process. Benier has a selection of dividers available for you.

Benier Rounding equipment IconRounding equipment

The Benier rounders can be adjusted to your process. Check out the possibilities and contact us for your the right machine for your process.

Benier First Proofing equipment Icon

First Proofing

With the First Proofers of Benier your dough is able to develop, resulting in a better end product.

Benier Moulding equipment Icon

Moulding equipment

Benier moulders with the unique drum sheeting principle.