Benier designs and builds dough production and dough handling systems for all types of dough and has done so for over 130 years. We are well-known for our high-end quality equipment for (semi) industrial bakeries.

Benier business premises


The main focus at Benier lies on dough quality and gentle dough handling, for example during dough dividing or moulding. The role model for our high-quality machines is the manual artisanal processing method. Using modern mechanical engineering and control technology we reproduce this processing method. This enables you to produce your products fast and easy as if you produced them by hand.

Bread, rolls, baguettes, panettone and pizza – Benier has extensive and successful experience in a range of production processes that reach into every category; from traditional standard processes to individually tailored equipment.

We are all about quality, innovation and service. Our machines: mixers, dividers, rounders, proofers and moulders are customized to your specific needs and wishes with respect to your product and business.


Please contact us for your tailor-made solution.

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